The water-sprinkler room in the industrial park located next to Brno airport will be decorated with a mural art by Daniel Kyncl called "FULL" that impresses with its playfulness and optimism

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Daniel Kyncl

winner design

Dagmar Mudrova

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Elisabeth Ana Beran

design 2

Jan Pugner

design 3

Kateřina Suchardová

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Klára Mikešová

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Lukáš Brožovský

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Michael Rosa

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Natali Santini

design 8

Terezie Krupanská

design 9

The competition is part of the long-term Accolade Industrial Art project, which aims to blend modern industry with art. The competition takes place in collaboration with the well-known street art artist ChemiS, who performs in the competition as a mentor, consultant and jury leader. ChemiS will implement the winning design together with the winner.

About the contest

Under the supervision of ChemiS

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Chemis Guarantor of the Mural Art contest, street artist

The competition is addressed to young artists, whom the Accolade group wishes to support and provide with space for artistic expression of their vision regarding the sustainable future of the city of Brno. Both individuals and groups could apply. The author of the winning project will receive a cash prize of 30,000 Czech korunas and will be able to participate in the execution of his project on the water-sprinkler room together with a well-known street artist, ChemiS.


Technical parameters of the room

The water-sprinkler room has the shape of a cylinder and the painting surface is 37,840 cm wide and 7,345 cm high. The building is connected with another cuboid room which will not be painted. The space between the rooms will also not be painted (3.5 m x 3.5 m).

The full specification is presented on the 1:150 scale technical drawing below.

Rules of participation in the contest


Basic provisions

Participants may work individually or in groups. One participant or group may send only one project. The project may be carried out using any graphic technique (manually or digitally), taking into account the possibility to paint it as a large-format mural.



Any topic will be accepted. However, the only condition is to include the sustainable values of the Accolade group, in particular its environmentally-friendly attitude.


Terms and conditions that the project must meet

The projects must not violate good morals or generally applicable laws and must be free of legal defects. The author must be the owner of full copyright for the project. Works not fulfilling the above terms and conditions will not be qualified for the contest.


Only new projects

No works previously published or submitted for other competitions (this applies also to fragments of the works) may be submitted for the contest.


Families of jury members

Relatives of jury members cannot take part in the contest.


Free of charge participation

The participation in the Contest is free of charge.


Personal data processing

Contest participants agree for the processing of their personal data and publication of the work under their full name.


Conditions of participation in the contest

In order to participate in the contest, you must accept and comply with the terms of the contest. The contest deliverable shall be submitted in accordance with the rules and terms of the contest.


Accepting the terms of the contest

Submitting the contest deliverable shall constitute the acceptance of the conditions set forth in the terms of contest.



The contest shall be supervised by the jury.

The applications shall include:

Application form

The application includes basic author data and contact information.

Mural Art Project

The mural project shall be attached to the application form.

Artistic project description

Brief description of the artistic project.

In the first round, a seven-member jury selected 10 finalists. On 28 January 2022, the jury meeting was held to select the best project that will be implemented this spring.




20. 10. 2021

Contest announcement



20. 10. — 15. 1. 2022

The deadline for sending applications expires on Saturday, 15 January 2022


Jury meeting

28. 1. 2022

Meeting of the jury during which the outstanding works


Results announcement

2. 2. 2022

Announcement of the winning project


Exhibition of the best projects

27. 3. — 11. 4. 2022

Exhibition of several outstanding projects selected by the jury

The provided deadline may be changed for reasons not attributable to the organizer.The participants shall be immediately informed about any possible changes.


If you have any questions, please send email to

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About Accolade

Accolade wants to lead by example not only in business

Accolade wants to lead by example not only in business but also in corporate social responsibility. In the localities where we operate, we cooperate with municipalities and support civic amenities and local development. Our goal is to be a responsible partner, a good neighbor and overall to make the regions where we operate a better place to live.

In its ten years of existence, the group has created a portfolio of commercial real estate with an area of almost 3.0 million m2. The current value of the portfolio of completed industrial parks reaches the value of 2.6 billion euros. Accolade invests not only in the construction of new projects, but also in the revitalization of neglected brownfields with a long industrial tradition. Their share in our portfolio increased to 38%. The total area of restored sites is 1,136,932 m2.

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