Ostrov u Stříbra, Czech Republic
111 484 m2

We provide KION Group with two build-to-suit manufacturing buildings in Ostrov u Stříbra. The first building is built for Linde Pohony s.r.o., a manufacturer of propulsion and control systems for electric-driven trucks of KION Group which includes brands Linde, OM, Fenwick or STILL. Linde is the global leader among companies manufacturing similar propulsion units. The other building is a structure built for KION Supply Chain Solutions Czech, s.r.o., which uses it for the production of the hardware for automated warehouses Dematic – warehouse robots, automated conveyor systems and other equipment.

Location and accessibility

The buildings of KION Group are located just off exit 107 of motorway D5. The buildings therefore offer excellent transport connections to Germany and Czech Republic via motorway D5 and the network of German motorways A6/A93/A9 to Nuremberg, Regensburg and Munich. A bus stop is located directly in the Park, with bus lines offering the possibility of employee commuting from the nearby and also more distant towns and villages, with timetables adapted to suit the operational requirements of the Park users. A European railway corridor from Prague to Nuremberg passes through the nearby town of Stříbro.

Building standards

  • Clear height: 10 m
  • Hydraulic loading docks: 1/1,000 m2
  • ESFR sprinkler system
  • Floor loading capacity: 5 t/m2
  • Parking areas for cars and trucks
  • Truck loading yard
  • Office space and facilities according to the client’s requirements

Property disposition – Linde Pohony

  • Gross leasable area 27,406 m2
  • Industrial area 23,053 m2
  • Offices and technical service area 4,353 m2

Property disposition - Dematic

  • Gross leasable area 26,564 m2
  • Industrial area 24,465 m2
  • Offices and technical service area 2,099 m2