BTO Steelcase
BTO Steelcase

BTO Steelcase

Ostrov u Stříbra, Czech Republic
26 282 sqm

The project is a standalone build-to-own factory building of Steelcase, the world’s largest manufacturer of office furniture. The total amount of investment in the production plant is approximately CZK 650 million. Steelcase has been offering its products in Czech market since 1993 when it opened its branch office in Prague. In the Czech Republic it works closely with Linstram.

Location and accessibility

The Steelcase factory building is only 20 minutes or 45 kilometers away from the German border. It is also located on the most demanded motorway in Central and Eastern Europe, motorway D5, which connects the rich and industrial Bavaria with the city of Prague. In the southwest triangle between Pilsen, Munich and Ingolstadt there are several factories of BMW, AUDI, Siemens and Continental. These are connected with the town of Stříbro via motorway D5 and the network of German motorways A6/A93/A9 to Nuremberg, Regensburg and Munich. The city of Pilsen, one of the most important industrial centers of the Czech Republic with a population of 160,000, is located within commuting distance of just 15 minutes away.

Building standards

  • Clear height: 10 m
  • Hydraulic loading docks: 1/1,000 m2
  • ESFR sprinkler system
  • Floor loading capacity: 5 t/m2
  • Parking areas for cars and trucks
  • Truck loading yard
  • Office space and facilities according to the client’s requirements

Property disposition

  • Gross leasable area 26,282 m2
  • Industrial area 23,888 m2
  • Offices 1,710 m2
  • Technical service area 684 m2