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Invest with the Accolade fund in modern industrial properties that are environmentally friendly and contribute to the sustainable future of European industry along with hundreds of other investors.

We are a member of the European organization INREV, which aims to increase transparency, professionalism and share best practices in the commercial real estate sector.

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About the Fund

The fund was established in 2014 and is intended for qualified investors who have an opportunity to contribute to the development of modern sustainable industry in Europe.

Currently there are almost a thousand investors in our group, which manages EUR 658,279,000 in assets and its net value as of 30. 9. 2020 amounted to EUR 245,980,070. The fund owns 15 industrial parks in the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany with a total manufacturing and storage area of 886,136 sq m.

Thanks to a considerable increase in the area of e-commerce, the demand for industrial real estate is also growing. Thus, modern industrial halls prove their significance, and investment in industrial properties is a great investment opportunity.

Long‑term stable investments
with interesting returns

Responsible investments

All buildings in the Fund meet the strictest criteria in terms of modern development and environmental impact, which is confirmed by their prestigious BREEAM sustainability certificates. One of Europe’s greenest portfolios of industrial buildings includes the world’s environmentally friendliest modern hall. The building for REAL Digital in Cheb boasts a record BREEAM assessment – “Outstanding”. Thanks to our clearly defined philosophy, our parks not only operate in harmony with nature and the world around us, but they also guarantee a high level of energy self-sufficiency, efficient water management, and above-standard working conditions for people working in them.

Responsible investments

How is our revenue generated?


Accolade’s Investment Strategy

The fund’s investment strategy is to maintain value and achieve medium to long-term capital appreciation, with investments into a diversified portfolio of industrial properties in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Germany and other countries.

  • The minimum investment is EUR 75,000 (or its CZK equivalent) or EUR 10,000 (or its CZK equivalent) for recurring investments.
  • You may invest in CZK or EUR.
  • Investovat je možné v CZK nebo EUR.
  • New shares are subscribed four times a year, always at the end of the calendar quarter.

All of these industrial properties must comply with the parameters of “Class A” under the definition of the CBRE group. Class A includes warehouses, manufacturing halls, and other commercial real estate.

Accolade’s Investment Strategy

Performance of shares since 1.7.2019 to 30.6.2020

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12.66 % CZK
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9.38 % EUR

Unless otherwise stated, the information relates to the institutional classes of investment shares (ISIN MT7000014932 and MT7000014940).



Key personnel of Accolade fund

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How to become an investor in the Accolade fund and what is the investment process?

1 Basic Information

We give you all the necessary information you need for your decision. At a meeting, by email, by phone – whatever you prefer.

2 We Are Here For You

If you have any questions, we are here to answer them and ease your decisions.

3 Signing the Contract

If you decide to invest, we will jointly sign a Commitment Agreement.

4 Regular Reporting

Your investment is underway. Every quarter, we send you the latest fund’s results and report on your investment’s performance.

5 You Can Reinvest

You can reinvest at any time during a new subscription if you are satisfied with us.

6 Buyback

After five years you may arrange an “exit” – a share buyback – if you want to leave the fund.

Fund Portfolio

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Are you interested in investing into industrial properties?

Contact us and arrange a personal meeting, where Fond Accolade will be happy to introduce you in detail.

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