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For investors
Performance of shares1 since 01/07/2018 to 30/06/2019:
CZK Shares 11.10 %
EUR Shares 11.47 %

1. If not stated otherwise, the information is related to the institucional share classes (ISIN MT7000014932 a MT7000014940)

Description of lease transaction 

  • Accolade Group pursues a conservative strategy, investing only into pre-leased properties with creditworthy tenants and solid guarantees.
  • The supplier of buildings is one of the largest international industrial developers.
  • The property’s revenues will be preferentially used to repay the bank financing and to generate returns on the shareholder’s investment.
  • Industrial property lease is still sought by 70 % of incoming and expanding companies.
  • Our concept shortens the period between signing the contract to deliver and subsequent launch of production from 18 to just 8 months.
  • Lease rates for industrial space are stable or slightly growing in the long term.
  • The development of e-commerce continues to drive market expansion.
  • The industrial property market in the Czech Republic and CEE region is stable.
  • The industrial tradition and labour costs at 30 % of those in neighbouring Germany make the Czech Republic an exceptionally interesting destination for expansion and relocation projects associated with nearby factories in Germany and other parts of Western Europe.

Your investments

  • Each property will be fully leased to a creditworthy company in the area of light industry and/or logistics.
  • Accolade Land Development is in charge of land preparation and planning.
  • Panattoni Europe executes property construction according to the future tenant’s requirements while duly considering the building’s long-term usability.
  • Minimum lease terms are set at 5 – 15 years with the lessee having no option for early termination.
  • Lease rates will be subject to annual indexing.
  • Lessee’s obligations will be secured by the lessee’s parent or a subsidiary company.
  • Payments will be secured by a bank guarantee from an internationally reputable bank in accordance with standard market conditions.

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