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Photo of Milan Kratina

Milan Kratina

Member of the Board, CEO
Photo of Zdeněk Šoustal

Zdeněk Šoustal

Member of the Board
Photo of Lukáš Répal

Lukáš Répal

Chief Operating Officer
Photo of Jiří Stránský

Jiří Stránský

Head of Development
Photo of Tomáš Procházka

Tomáš Procházka

Chief Financial Officer
Photo of Tomáš Hanáček

Tomáš Hanáček

Head of Business Development
Photo of Michał Białas

Michał Białas

Country Head, Poland

Business Development

Photo of Milan Rzepecki

Milan Rzepecki

Associate Director - Raising
Photo of Kristýna Karásková

Kristýna Karásková

Senior Raising Manager
Photo of Dominika Simonová

Dominika Simonová

Fund Administration Coordinator
Photo of Iva Nestarcová

Iva Nestarcová

Fund Administration Coordinator

Asset Management

Photo of Jakub Ryvola

Jakub Ryvola

Associate Director - Asset Management
Photo of Lucie Sochůrková

Lucie Sochůrková

Senior Asset Manager
Photo of Małgorzata Więcko

Małgorzata Więcko

Director Asset Management, Poland
Photo of Daniel Škovran

Daniel Škovran

Project Manager
Photo of Jaromír Plotica

Jaromír Plotica

Asset Manager
Photo of Iva Janečková

Iva Janečková

Senior Asset Manager
Photo of Jakub Obruča

Jakub Obruča

Asset Manager
Photo of Adrian Karpiński

Adrian Karpiński

Asset Manager, Poland
Photo of Alicja Cholewa

Alicja Cholewa

Asset Manager, Poland
Photo of Magda Mrozowska

Magda Mrozowska

Asset Manager, Poland
Photo of Paulina Chlewicka

Paulina Chlewicka

Assistant of Asset Management, Poland
Photo of Jacek Chwirot

Jacek Chwirot

Technical Portfolio Manager, Poland
Photo of Łukasz Gregorczuk

Łukasz Gregorczuk

Junior Asset Manager, Poland
Photo of Aleksandra Małkiewicz

Aleksandra Małkiewicz

Junior Asset Manager, Poland
Photo of Tomáš Vladyka

Tomáš Vladyka

Junior Asset Manager
Photo of Michaela Švachová

Michaela Švachová

Junior Asset Manager
Photo of Kristýna Dvořáková

Kristýna Dvořáková

Assistant of Asset Management

Finance Department

Photo of Naďa Foglarová

Naďa Foglarová

Director Accounting & Reporting
Photo of Monika Górka

Monika Górka

Director Accounting & Reporting, Poland
Photo of Martin Šidák

Martin Šidák

Associate Director - Project Financing
Photo of Tomáš Novotný

Tomáš Novotný

Associate Director – Financial Planning & Analysis
Photo of Zdeněk Pospíšil

Zdeněk Pospíšil

Photo of Jan Mareš

Jan Mareš

Senior Manager - Controlling & Reporting
Photo of Věra Volejníková

Věra Volejníková

Senior Manager – Cash & Treasury Management
Photo of Eva Basařová Zemanová

Eva Basařová Zemanová

Senior Accountant and Payroll Specialist
Photo of Jana Šenoltová

Jana Šenoltová

Senior Accountant
Photo of Jindřiška Musilová

Jindřiška Musilová

Senior Accountant
Photo of Inga Stepanova

Inga Stepanova

Senior Accountant
Photo of Andrea Hnyková

Andrea Hnyková

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager
Photo of Matouš Kořínek

Matouš Kořínek

Photo of Katarzyna Samulik

Katarzyna Samulik

Finance Manager, Poland
Photo of Edyta Joka

Edyta Joka

Finance Manager, Poland
Photo of Anna Herse-Nowakowska

Anna Herse-Nowakowska

Finance Administration Manager, Poland
Photo of Daniela Michalcová

Daniela Michalcová

Financial Accountant
Photo of Lenka Soudková

Lenka Soudková

Financial Accountant
Photo of Denisa Božoňová

Denisa Božoňová

Financial Accountant
Photo of Marcela Kalousová

Marcela Kalousová

Photo of Adam Hyršl

Adam Hyršl

Financial Planning & Analysis Manager
Photo of Tomáš Kabilka

Tomáš Kabilka

Junior Project Finance Manager
Photo of Frederika Lučkaiová

Frederika Lučkaiová

Financial Specialist
Photo of Marek Zienert

Marek Zienert

Financial Specialist
Photo of Patrycja Bobińska

Patrycja Bobińska

Junior Financial Analyst, Poland
Photo of Michaela Márová

Michaela Márová

Finance Assistant
Photo of Adéla Horáková

Adéla Horáková

Finance Assistant
Photo of Anna Sedláčková

Anna Sedláčková

Photo of Adéla Balážová

Adéla Balážová

Accounting Assistant
Photo of Patricie-Anna Reitzová

Patricie-Anna Reitzová

Accounting Assistant

Development Department

Photo of Jan Pavlík

Jan Pavlík

Energy Director
Photo of Martina Životová

Martina Životová

Associate Director - Acquisition & Project Management
Photo of Lenka Szkanderová

Lenka Szkanderová

Senior Project Manager
Photo of Jan Mazáč

Jan Mazáč

Senior Project Manager, Spain
Photo of Vít Pavelka

Vít Pavelka

Senior Project Manager
Photo of Martin Makovec

Martin Makovec

Project Manager
Photo of Viktor Brabec

Viktor Brabec

Project Manager
Photo of Tomáš Budil

Tomáš Budil

Junior Project Manager
Photo of Alfonso García-Menacho Manglano

Alfonso García-Menacho Manglano

Project Manager, Spain
Photo of Blanka Procházková

Blanka Procházková

Project Manager
Photo of Adéla Kujalová

Adéla Kujalová

Junior Project Manager
Photo of Karyna Pylypenko

Karyna Pylypenko

Junior Project Manager
Photo of Hoang Thanh Le

Hoang Thanh Le

Junior Project Manager
Photo of Dominika Kapková

Dominika Kapková

Junior Project Manager
Photo of Samuel Weidlich

Samuel Weidlich

Junior Project Manager
Photo of Tereza Starcová

Tereza Starcová

Project Administration Coordinator

Legal Department

Photo of Ondřej Štellar

Ondřej Štellar

Legal Counsel
Photo of Jakub Leszczyński

Jakub Leszczyński

Legal Counsel, Poland
Photo of Miloš Žůrek

Miloš Žůrek

Photo of Martin Hlaváč

Martin Hlaváč

Photo of Agata Warchulińska

Agata Warchulińska

Loan Manager, Poland
Photo of Vít Halamiček

Vít Halamiček

Junior Lawyer
Photo of Michał Kopeć

Michał Kopeć

Junior Lawyer, Poland
Photo of Veronika Králová

Veronika Králová

Assistant to the Legal Department
Photo of Natalia Maliszewska

Natalia Maliszewska

Assistant to the Legal Department, Poland


Photo of Kamil Michálek

Kamil Michálek

Marketing Manager
Photo of Tereza Řezníčková

Tereza Řezníčková

Marketing Manager
Photo of Justyna Kwiek

Justyna Kwiek

Marketing Manager, Poland

Operations & Administration

Photo of Eva Oros

Eva Oros

Operations & HR Manager
Photo of Dominika Mikurenda

Dominika Mikurenda

Office Manager, Poland
Photo of Martin Prucek

Martin Prucek

Vehicle Fleet Specialist
Photo of Simona Mišalková

Simona Mišalková

Office Coordinator
Photo of Kateřina Rubešová

Kateřina Rubešová

Admin Support
Photo of Barbora Vojtíková

Barbora Vojtíková

Photo of Hana Klicmanová

Hana Klicmanová

Executive Assistant
Photo of Diana Šindelářová

Diana Šindelářová

Photo of Anna Wdowiak

Anna Wdowiak

Office Assistant, Poland
Photo of Honorata Wojtkowska

Honorata Wojtkowska

Office & Marketing Assistant, Poland


Photo of František Lokvenc

František Lokvenc

IT Manager
Photo of Filip Jancz

Filip Jancz

Junior IT Administrator


We are looking for people who wish to invest their time and effort in working in a young, dynamic, and local team and take part in our company’s further development.

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