Our team

Our team

For more than six years we have been building a portfolio of top industrial buildings throughout Central Europe. We are Accolade and we are creating space for the next industrial revolution!


Milan Kratina | Accolade

Milan Kratina

Member of the Board, CEO
„Thanks to a team of talented professionals we built up a leading European company from a scratch.”
While studying law at Masaryk University in Brno, he met for the first time with the preparation of land for the construction of industrial properties, and since then his fascination with the industrial infrastructure never let him go. Quite the opposite. In 2011, he founded Accolade, a company which in a few years of activity became one of the most influential players in the industrial infrastructure market. Milan Kratina is a 50% shareholder of Accolade Holding, a.s.
Zdeněk Šoustal | Accolade

Zdeněk Šoustal

Member of the Board
“I am incredibly proud of what we have built together.”
It was him, who first recognized the potential of investments into industrial infrastructure and supported Milan Kratina both mentally and financially in founding of own business. Thanks to his enterpreneurship experience he became together with Milan Kratina the main driving force for the growth of the whole group. Currently he participates in strategic management and communication with key partners. Zdeněk Šoustal is a 50% shareholder of Accolade Holding, a.s.
Lukáš Répal | Accolade

Lukáš Répal

Chief Operations Officer
„Our goal is to build up high-quality industrial infrastructure throughout the whole of Europe.”
Twelve years of professional experience in the industrial and commercial real estate market and also valuable foreign experience in managing large real estate projects in Dubai. Thanks to that in 2019 Lukáš Répal became the Group’s Chief Operating Officer (COO). His main task is to lead the business and strategic management with a focus on developing foreign markets. Besides, he is responsible for well-functioning key activities such as locations development, new investments, HR or marketing.
Jiří Stránský | Accolade

Jiří Stránský

Head of Development
„From unknown locations we managed to build up centers which today attract the most famous brands.”
In the past, he participated in dozens of major construction projects throughout the Czech Republic and after his experience in commercial development, he moved to the industrial field. In the Accolade jersey, he managed to create a young and highly effective team that has great credit for the growth of the company. Also thanks to them the tenants will get top location and on-key building from A to Z.
Tomáš Procházka | Accolade

Tomáš Procházka

Chief Financial Officer
„We make sure our partners feel safe when entrusting us their money.”
For more than ten years, he managed finances for major commercial estates in the Czech Republic and in Slovakia for a major European bank. No wonder, he became the Group’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in summer 2018. Finance, accounting and project financing are under the lead of Tomáš Procházka in perfect condition.
Tomáš Hanáček | Accolade

Tomáš Hanáček

Head of Business Development
"We give our investors a chance for active participation in the development of the world´s industry."
For 16 years, he worked in many different parts of the financial world. From the build of financial and technological startups to the administration of finance and financing corporate sector in the biggest European banks. Thanks to that he is the leader of the team, which takes care of the satisfaction and comfort of investors, who decide together with Accolade fund to support the growth of the modern industry in Europe.
Michal Bialas | Accolade

Michal Bialas

Country Head - Poland
„Poland has the perfect potential for the growth of the modern industry.”
He is no stranger to the real estate market after ten years of experience in commercial estate financing for significant European banks. When he was successful in entering the Polish market, in 2018 he became the director for the whole of Poland. Together with his team within the Polish portfolio, he is now responsible for nine industrial parks and business development in other Polish locations.

Business Development

Milan Rzepecki | Accolade

Milan Rzepecki

Senior Raising Manager
Kristýna Karásková | Accolade

Kristýna Karásková

Raising Manager
Dominika Simonová | Accolade

Dominika Simonová


Asset Management

Lucie Sochůrková | Accolade

Lucie Sochůrková

Senior Asset Manager
Jakub Ryvola | Accolade

Jakub Ryvola

Senior Asset Manager
Małgorzata Więcko | Accolade

Małgorzata Więcko

Head of Asset Management – Poland
Jaromír Plotica | Accolade

Jaromír Plotica

Asset Manager
Iva Kosková | Accolade

Iva Kosková

Asset Manager
Blanka Jandová | Accolade

Blanka Jandová

Adrian Karpinski | Accolade

Adrian Karpinski

Asset Manager - Poland
Jakub Grabara | Accolade

Jakub Grabara

Asset & Reporting Manager - Poland
Alicja Cholewa | Accolade

Alicja Cholewa

Asset Manager - Poland
Anna Vostrikova | Accolade

Anna Vostrikova

Executive Assistant

Finance Department

Naďa Foglarová | Accolade

Naďa Foglarová

Chief Accountant
Monika Górka | Accolade

Monika Górka

Chief of Accounting & Reporting - Poland
Martin Šidák | Accolade

Martin Šidák

Senior Manager
Tomáš Novotný | Accolade

Tomáš Novotný

Senior Manager
Jan Mareš | Accolade

Jan Mareš

Senior Controlling & Reporting Specialist
Andrea Hnyková | Accolade

Andrea Hnyková

Matouš Kořínek | Accolade

Matouš Kořínek

Milada Vaňková | Accolade

Milada Vaňková

Senior Accountant
Veronika Klírová | Accolade

Veronika Klírová

Senior Accountant
Eva Basařová Zemanová | Accolade

Eva Basařová Zemanová

Payroll Accountant
Kristýna Harflová | Accolade

Kristýna Harflová

Senior Accountant
Daniela Michalcová | Accolade

Daniela Michalcová

Lenka Soudková | Accolade

Lenka Soudková

Finance Accountant
Marcela Kalousová | Accolade

Marcela Kalousová

Monika Juricová | Accolade

Monika Juricová


Development Department

Lenka Szkanderová | Accolade

Lenka Szkanderová

Senior Project Manager
Martina Životová | Accolade

Martina Životová

Senior Project Manager
Vít Pavelka | Accolade

Vít Pavelka

Project Manager
Martin Makovec | Accolade

Martin Makovec

Project Manager
Viktor Brabec | Accolade

Viktor Brabec

Project Manager
Tomáš Budil | Accolade

Tomáš Budil

Junior Project Manager
Veronika Pokludová | Accolade

Veronika Pokludová

Junior Project Manager
Natali Byrouti | Accolade

Natali Byrouti

Project Management Coordinator

Legal Department

Ondřej Štellar | Accolade

Ondřej Štellar

Jakub Leszczyński | Accolade

Jakub Leszczyński

Legal Counsel - Poland
Miloš Žůrek | Accolade

Miloš Žůrek

Junior Lawyer
Maciej Kuklewicz | Accolade

Maciej Kuklewicz


Dana Kryńska | Accolade

Dana Kryńska

Head of Marketing
Kamil Michálek | Accolade

Kamil Michálek

Markéta Feltová | Accolade

Markéta Feltová

Creative Lead
Nikola Šembi | Accolade

Nikola Šembi

Human Resources

Dita Závorová | Accolade

Dita Závorová

HR Manager

Back Office

Anna Herse-Nowakowska | Accolade

Anna Herse-Nowakowska

Executive Assistant - Poland
Kristýna Dvořáková | Accolade

Kristýna Dvořáková

Martin Prucek | Accolade

Martin Prucek

Vehicle Fleet Assistant
Monika Sochocka | Accolade

Monika Sochocka

Assistant - Poland
Eva Hrubá | Accolade

Eva Hrubá


František Lokvenc | Accolade

František Lokvenc

IT Administrator