The modern industry meets art. Accolade announces a competition for a mural design, which will decorate the retaining wall in the company's park in Polish Białystok.

In order to enhance the beautification of the working environment in the Białystok modern industrial park, Accolade has announced a competition for the design of a mural that will decorate a part of the local retaining wall, turning it into a piece of art. The competition partner is the Białystok University of Technology. The jury that will select the finalists will include, among others Vice-Dean for Development and Cooperation of the University of Technology Dr. Engr. arch. Adam Jakimowicz and Doctor of Fine Arts Rafał Roskowiński, mural painter, founder of the Gdańsk School of Mural. Dr. Roskowiński will be also responsible for the implementation of the winning mural in the spring of next year.


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“A responsible approach to the world around us is the pillar of our corporate culture. We not only want to create a friendly and sustainable environment around us but also, we would like to take an active part in the beautification of the workplace in our park with some help from real artistic professionals. That is why we decided to become a partner of the Białystok University of Technology in the organization of East Design Days, which is organized to discuss the role of today's design and to support young artists. Also, for this reason, we decided to announce a competition for a mural design that will decorate the retaining wall in our park in Białystok," says Małgorzata Więcko, Head of Asset Management at Accolade Poland.

The participants of the competition will design a mural that in some way refers to the history or activities of the international investor Accolade. The jury will select the best projects from the submissions, but the final choice will be made by the tenants of the Białystok industrial park. They will vote to select the winning design and the artist will receive a prize worth of 5,000 PLN as well as the opportunity to participate in the implementation of the mural. The mural will be made in spring by a team of the winner together with the students of the Białystok University of Technology. The whole process will be supervised by Dr. Rafał Roskowiński.

‘’We appreciate the possibility of using practical skills on this project. I believe that both the students of the Białystok University of Technology and the winner of the competition, who will undertake the implementation, will consider the painting as a great opportunity to show they work. I am very happy that art will be present in this, it might seem, unusual place and will please the eyes of the employees every day," says Dr. arch. Adam Jakimowicz from the Białystok University of Technology.

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