Modern industry meets art continue: Accolade mural design competition announced its finalists!

On December 10th, 2020, the competition jury, composed of Accolade representatives, a representative of the Białystok University of Technology Faculty of Architecture and the founder of the Gdańsk Mural School, completed the next stage of the mural design competition. This mural will become part of the Accolade industrial park in Białystok. From among the submissions, the jury selected 9 best projects, which will now be presented in an exhibition at the Park, where tenants will vote to select the winning work.

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Jury members that selected the finalists included: the Vice-Dean for Development and Cooperation of the University of Technology, dr inż. arch. Adam Jakimowicz; Doctor of Fine Arts Rafał Roskowiński, mural painter, founder of the Gdańsk Mural School, and representatives of Accolade. The jury faced an extremely difficult task since the works submitted were of high quality and truly professional.

I can say that the works we received exceeded our wildest expectations. They were all amazing, but the nine that were shortlisted, selected in an extremely exciting process, are breathtaking. We were deeply touched seeing how our values were truly understood and translated onto paper in such beautiful forms. At Accolade, we want to learn and develop, and seeing how the participants perceive us allows us to see what’s important in the eyes of society. I think that hosting this competition was one of the best decisions we could have made and we are looking forward to seeing the results '' says Dana Kryńska, Head of Marketing & PR, Accolade.

All the works submitted for this stage of the competition represented a high level of both technical preparation, as well as an understanding of the subject. Some of Poland’s famous muralists also submitted their work for the competition. The participants approached the topic very seriously, thoroughly collecting information about Accolade and its values.

The finalists are Igor Chołoda, Karolina Pielak, Katarzyna Wiktoria Gancarek and Natalia Julia Kuropka, Karolina Anna Kaczor and Oliwia Nicol Jagła, Małgorzata Kaczmarska, Emilia Kasjan, Kamila Kuczarb, Filip Kacper Śmigielski, Małgorzata Alicja Wiaduch and Karolina Ogonowska.

Works submitted by the finalists presented an unusual approach to the competition’s subject and above-average design. The exhibition will be on display in mid-December at the entrance to the Park, where employees will be able to vote for their favorite work until December 28. In spring 2021 Dr. Roskowiński, together with a group of students from the Białystok University of Technology Faculty of Architecture and the competition winner, will paint a mural based on the winning design.

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