Bialystok's Accolade Park was colored by art

The competition announced by Accolade in October last year and organized in cooperation with Białystok University of Technology, attracted a lot of interest of artists, whose goal was to design a mural that would be consistent with the values of the contest organizer and owner of 39 industrial parks across Europe. From the submitted works the jury, and finally the tenants of the Park in Białystok, chose the project by Kamila Kurczab, entitled 'Colourful future for everyone', the realization of which has just been finished, bringing lots of color and energy to the facility.

Bialystok's Accolade Park was colored by art

The winning project made by Kamila Kurczab, a painter from Cracow, was characterized by a deep understanding of the values represented by Accolade and an original artistic technique. In mid-May, a team of students from the Białystok University of Technology and the mural’s author supervised by renowned muralist Dr. Roskowiński, began work on the mural on the retaining wall in Białystok.

''I am glad that we have reached the moment when we can see the mural on the Park wall. The mural breaks the industrial character of the park, opening it up to art and making it more 'human'. We painted the wall using a combined technique, i.e., we used an overhead projector and partially transferred the pattern from cardboard (the so-called repaint). It allowed us to reproduce the design perfectly and to transfer the author's intentions to the retaining wall.'' - says Dr. Rafał Roskowiński muralist, founder of the Gdańsk School of Murals.

The Białystok University of Technology had an active role in the entire process of creating the mural. A team of female architecture students took part in painting the retaining wall, and they were very much involved in the process. We are very happy about this, because in parallel to high-quality education at the university, we want to enable our students to acquire skills and competencies that they will not learn in lecture halls, and this competition has opened just such opportunities. '' - says dr inż. arch. Adam Jakimowicz, Deputy Dean of the Białystok University of Technology. 

Painting of the mural began on May 10th and was completed on May 14th. The whole team worked with the utmost care on particular parts of the project so that it finally appeared in all its splendor on the retaining wall. It was a demanding task, which ended in success and an enthusiastic reaction from the employees of the Białystok Park. 

‘’Participating in the creation of over 60 square meters of art was an amazing experience for me. The Accolade competition is a great initiative which opened the door to the world of murals for me. Not only did I gain very valuable experience, but I also met wonderful people, specialists in their fields. I am delighted that I could be a part of such a professionally organized and innovative project, created with a huge dose of positive energy. It gave me a sense of satisfaction and joy, which I hope will also be shared by the employees of the Białystok Park." says Kamila Kurczab. 

''The entire process, from announcing the competition to the completion of the mural, was extremely exciting for us as the organiser. Both the winning entry and all the other projects that were submitted conveyed a powerful artistic message, which was captured on the walls of the logistics park. It may seem that art does not fit in with industrial spaces, but I think that with this mural we paved the way and proved otherwise. We are delighted that the author of the project managed to express the values represented by Accolade so clearly: environmentally friendly approach to the world around us. This mural was created precisely so that our park tenants and their employees would feel comfortable in the park, be exposed to art, and know that we care about their well-being. Based on this experience, we decided to continue this type of activity under the name Accolade Industrial Art, thanks to which other industrial spaces will gain a unique artistic character. - says Małgorzata Więcko, Head of Asset Management at Accolade.