Artists Bitka and Chwałek create mural in Accolade industrial park in Zielona Góra.

Accolade introduces a new mural on the water tank in Zielona Góra industrial park, in continuation of Accolade Industrial Art programme.  The theme of the mural are grapes, being local symbol of the city. In addition, choosing nature for the leitmotif reflects the Accolade ESG values and a responsible approach to the environment. The artwork was designed and created by two recognized mural artists – Jakub Bitka and Łukasz Chwałek. 

Artists Bitka and Chwałek create mural in Accolade industrial park in Zielona Góra.

The new mural was accomplished and officially presented to the public on Dec., 7th. – This artwork is another mural in Accolade’s collection, yet the first one created on the water tank. We are very impressed with the outcome and how well it composes within the surroundings. We believe that by inviting the art into the industrial areas, our parks become a better place to work. It is important for us to create a space in which the tenants and their employees feel better. This is how we understand and implement our ESG strategy – says Małgorzata Więcko, Director Asset Management in Accolade Poland. 

Accolade invited two recognized and experienced mural artists – Jakub Bitka and Łukasz Chwałek – to create the painting. – Our creative concept revolved around connecting the industry with the nature. The grapes are the symbol of Zielona Góra, a city of wine and vineyards, and this accent is strongly cultivated locally. They are natural shapes and, in the design, we decided to complete them with the cubes - abstract forms referring to the human logical thinking. It is fascinating, that these forms rarely occur in nature but a man can draw them easily. Their shape is also similar to the packages stored in the warehouses – explained Łukasz Chwałek. 

- We were positively surprised by how good the cooperation with Accolade went. The investor gave us a lot of trust and a free hand, and yet remained very engaged and interested in the process. The works went pretty smoothly – despite the cold temperatures, we managed to catch a sunny weather window. From technical perspective, the preparation of the water tank before painting was a big task; usually we use water paints but here we decided to spray as the zink surface was taking this product better. We left some areas of the tank unpainted in order to allow them to reflect the light as a mirror – the outcome is an amazing example of bringing the inside to the outside – added Jakub Bitka. The mural can be well seen from the street, as the water tank is located close through the entrance. 

The mission of the Accolade Industrial Art programme is to present art in industrial spaces. The first project under his patronage was a mural on the wall of an industrial park in Białystok, Poland."Accolade will continue the project next year in selected parks in Poland, but also in other countries. In the Czech Republic, a mural competition for students from the Brno region in taking place to make the winning design shine in the industrial park in Brno in spring. As regards the project in Zelená hora, we are pleased that besides the beautiful mural, we also managed to organize workshops for students from the local university. The first results of Accolade industrial Art are great. We are changing the industrial area for the better and thus supporting local communities. I look forward to our next initiatives, ”concludes Dana Kryńska, Head of Marketing and PR at Accolade.