The multimodal complex of Brno Airport is complete. The last three tenants have joined a group of world-famous brands.

The multimodal complex next to Brno Airport, jointly developed by ‘Letiště Brno a.s.’, member of the Accolade Group, and developer Panattoni, is now fully leased. Tenants such as Coca-Cola, DHL, or ‘Zásilkovna’ have been joined by major companies such as Erba Lachema, member of the Erba Group, Noviko, and Reda. In addition to its excellent strategic location near Brno-Tuřany Airport and the D1 motorway, it also offers excellent technological facilities for modern and sustainable business. The entire complex boasts a high rating of ‘Excellent’ according to the latest BREEAM New Construction standards, making it one of the greenest parks in the Czech Republic, and the greenest park in Brno.

The multimodal complex of Brno Airport is complete. The last three tenants have joined a group of world-famous brands.

Noviko, part of the globally operating parent corporation Covetrus, has leased over 8,000 sqm in the park. The company specializes in the trading of pharmaceuticals, bio preparations, medical and pet supplies, veterinary equipment, and animal feed. The new state-of-the-art premises will offer Noviko the necessary comfort to ensure, for example, cold storage temperatures, and will also significantly support its further strategic growth.

Another 4,600 sqm have been leased by Reda, a company that deals mainly with the sale, printing, and distribution of promotional and gift items. As part of the Stricker Group, it supplies them throughout Europe and other continents. It is the market leader in the Czech Republic. It has the largest warehouse capacity with more than 16,000 pallet places and 30 million items in stock. 

The third of the latest tenants, with almost 5,000 sqm of leased space, is Erba Lachema, a manufacturer of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) products and member of the Erba Group, which will offer Brno and the surrounding areas new jobs in a modern warehouse storing IVD medical devices. Interesting features of this unit include special cooling units on the roof and fire-rated windows between the offices and the hall.

"Brno's multimodal complex, based at the second busiest airport in the Czech Republic, has managed to create a unique space where key players from a number of different fields meet. That said, all tenants have two things in common: an emphasis on a sustainable approach to business and technologically advanced solutions," said Milan Kratina, CEO of Accolade Group

"I am delighted that we have been able to offer Noviko, Reda, and Erba Lachema prime spaces in a building targeting BREEAM New Construction certification at the Excellent level. Our sustainable approach is also supported by the above-standard levels of planting of greenery on the premises," said Pavel Sovička, Panattoni's Managing Director CZ&SK.

Brno Airport Park covers a total area of 110,893 sqm and is a unique multi-purpose zone. The individual buildings within the park are designed to have the lowest possible impact on the environment. Part of the complex has been built on a brownfield site and as much as 90% of the material from the original buildings’ demolition was used in the construction. The site has a retention basin, it is landscaped throughout, and there is a relaxation area with benches for employees in the center. Over 100 trees with complementary shrubs will be gradually planted in the green areas, they will be a mix of deciduous trees and native Czech conifers.

The process of reforestation of selected areas has already commenced. Today, Jakub Ryvola, Associate Director - Asset Management of Accolade Group, and Robert Chmelař, Head of Property Management CZ Panattoni, symbolically joined the work and together planted the Czech national tree, Tilia cordata. 

Four of the park's halls have achieved a BREEAM New Construction rating of 'Excellent' and one hall has achieved a 'Very Good' rating. The international BREEAM certification guarantees environmental friendliness, a high level of energy self-sufficiency, and above-standard working conditions for employees. 

The multimodal complex uses connections to the airport runway system. This eliminates the need for transshipment of cargo from aircrafts to cars heading outside the complex. This saves tenants money and leads to the easing of traffic on routes connecting to the airport. In addition to air transport, the park uses railway siding between the buildings and the airport area, and the modernization of the entire Brno railway junction adds to its attractiveness.