Investing in industrial real-estate is attractive. An important role plays not only revenue but also sustainable investing. Accolade Fund celebrates the successful year 2019. The value of the investment portfolio exceeded 526 million EUR.

Eight modern and sustainable industrial projects, enlargement of a portfolio by more than 36 %, almost 300 new qualified investors and a year-over-year increase of value by more than 9,8 %. In 2019 celebrated Accolade Industrial Fund 5 year of its existence and experienced another successful year.  Fund nowadays owns fourteen industrial parks in the Czech Republic, Poland, and Germany taking the area of 736 000 m2. From a facility renting profit almost 900 investors.   

Accolade Industrial Fund grows fast in all of the observed areas.  Besides the growth of rentable facilities and an increase in the number of new investors is an attractivity of the fund ensured mainly by a growth of annual income coming from the rent. This significant aspect of revenue grew by 38 %, from 26 million EUR to 36 million EUR per year.

“Considering the fact that the average rental period of one squared meter of our portfolio is over six years long and facilities are rented by prestigious world's brands, we are able to provide interesting and steady revenue in a five-year period to all of our investors. Interest in investing in the infrastructure of modern industry grows,” says Milan Kratina, Chairman of the Board in Accolade Industrial Fund.

Nowadays fund owns fourteen industrial parks. Six in the Czech Republic (Cheb, Stříbro, Hořovice, Pavlov, Týniště nad Orlicí and Přeštice), seven in Poland (Štětín, Bydhošť, Zelená Hora, Lublin, Kielce, Bialystok and Lehnice) and one in Germany – Alsdorf. Within these parks operate sixty different tenants - world's famous brands such as DHL, Tchibo, Assa, Abloy, KION, Schenker and Vive.

“Last year we got sixteen new tenants. The European market is currently the most visible an e-commerce segment. In the development of modern industrial facilities plays the segment a significant role. All customers want their orders to be delivered the next day and companies look for facilities from where they can serve the biggest area possible. Preferably on several markets at once. We can also see that both investors and tenants take into account a sustainable footprint. Our facilities fulfill the strictest standards and requirements for modern and environmentally unharmful expansion. The proof is the fact that all of our buildings have BREEAM Certification.” adds Kratina.  

Investors can invest in the fund through Accolade directly or through Conseq Investment Management, Česká spořitelna or other distribution channels.

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