An outstanding hat trick!

Yet another exceptional production hall in the Czech Republic – the third building in the portfolio of the Accolade Fund with the highest Outstanding level of the BREEAM environmental certification, this time in Stříbro.

An outstanding hat trick!

The production hall in the Stříbro industrial park, part of the Accolade Industrial Fund portfolio, has been awarded the BREEAM sustainability certificate at the highest level „Outstanding“. The Fund now owns a total of three buildings (two in the Czech Republic and one in Poland) that have met the criteria of the Outstanding category, an unmatched achievement in Central and Eastern Europe.

The latest building in the Accolade Fund's portfolio to boast this achievement offers almost 28,000 square metres of space and was completed in just six months in autumn 2021. Employing an extensive arsenal of state-of-the-art technologies, it achieved a 50% reduction in primary energy consumption, a 65% reduction in daily water consumption and a 62% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to a conventional industrial hall. More than 89% of the waste generated during construction has been reused. The site also houses, among others, a beetle hive, bee hives and a meadow for insect pollinators. There is an outdoor gym with a relaxation area for employees.

"High environmental performance is a requirement that cannot be denied, coming not only from tenants, but also from investors and financial markets. This is a natural response to the fact that environmentally friendly and operationally efficient industrial buildings are gaining popularity. I am pleased that we are continuing in this direction and expanding the list of such unique buildings", says Milan Kratina, CEO of Accolade.

One of the most eco-friendly industrial building portfolios in Europe.

All of the fund’s properties, totalling 1.6 million sqm, have already earned a BREEAM certificate. In addition to the hall in Stříbro, the fund has two more buildings that have been awarded a BREEAM Outstanding rating. This year, the building in the Szczecin III logistics park achieved the highest rating. It is the first industrial building in Poland to meet the Outstanding criteria. In 2020, a hall in Cheb was awarded a BREEAM certification at the Outstanding level and at the time of its completion was even dubbed the greenest industrial building in the world. These halls were built by Panattoni. 

In addition to the three highest BREEAM ratings, Accolade Fund's portfolio also includes 10 buildings with a total area of over 498,000 sqm, holding the second highest level of BREEAM certification, Excellent.

BREEAM certification is used in 87 countries around the world. Based on the score awarded, certificates are divided into five levels, namely Pass, Good, Very Good, Excellent and Outstanding. Most certified buildings receive a Very Good status, followed by Excellent by a wide margin, and only about three percent of buildings achieve the Outstanding level. The certification is a rigorous process that assesses environmental performance in ten categories, including water and energy management, waste management and materials use.