Going all out!

Whether it’s in our industrial parks, on the road, or off-road. At Accolade, we've opened another chapter on how to motivate each other to live a healthy lifestyle and look after our well-being. That’s why we organised a new internal sport challenge in running and cycling!

Going all out!

The final results literally took our breath away. Because they showed that when we put our minds to something, we just have to go all out. Judge for yourself:

Total distance covered: 3,058 km - we could have run from Prague to Baghdad.

Total distance travelled by bike: 15,313 km - we could have almost cycled from Prague to the South Pole.

And the best for last. Thanks to the great individual and team performances by all our colleagues, we managed to raise almost 37,000 CZK for a good cause. All the proceeds will be sent to the Kapka Naděje Foundation.

Thanks to everyone for participating in the monthly challenge and we look forward to more projects like this. Let's keep going!