Quintuple Triumph: Our 5th BREEAM 'Outstanding' with Amazon Robotics Centre!

Our ultra-modern Amazon Robotics Centre, located at our Kojetín industrial park, has received the prestigious BREEAM New Construction certification, achieving the highest possible level of ‘Outstanding’. It is the largest building in the Czech Republic to boast this level of certification. 

Quintuple Triumph: Our 5th BREEAM 'Outstanding' with Amazon Robotics Centre!

How did we manage it? Here are some of the key factors:

Brownfield revitalisation: The project is located on a former brownfield site, which means that the environmental burdens on the site had to be remediated and removed. Construction was carried out with an emphasis on sustainability and 100% of the demolition waste from the original buildings was recycled.

Energy efficiency: We save 6,310 tonnes of CO2 annually, the same amount of emissions that a new car would emit in almost 66.5 million km of driving, the equivalent of driving 1,660 times around the world!

Renewable energy: The solar panels on the rooves provide up to 68.2% of the site’s energy needs. This roughly corresponds to the average amount of electricity used by 1,400 Czech households.

Heat pumps: Instead of gas, heat pumps are used in the building, heating up to 75% of the hot water.

Water-friendly: The building saves up to 60.8% on potable water consumption compared to conventional buildings. A total of 15,140 m³ per year. That corresponds to the annual consumption of more than 100 average four-person households in the Czech Republic.

Kudos to our CEO Milan Kratina, as well as to Jiří Stránský and Martin Makovec from our development team. Special thanks to Lenka Matějíčková and Lucie Kovandová from Grinity, Pavel Sovička and Jan Andrejco from Panattoni, and Michal Šmíd and Jan Vavřík from Amazon. Together, we have once again significantly raised the bar in terms of sustainability.