A new Accolade mural on the industrial map of Poland

Having completed and fully leased a second modern industrial park in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, Accolade has unveiled a new mural in the region. Created in Park Białystok II, this is another installation from the Accolade Industrial Art programme, which promotes art in industrial spaces.  Nine such projects have been implemented to date, including 5 in Poland and 4 in the Czech Republic.

A new Accolade mural on the industrial map of Poland

The new mural is the largest project of its kind in Accolade's portfolio,covering an expansive 700 square meters. It has been placed on three sites located in Park Białystok II. Vividly depicting characteristic symbols, animal species, and local flora of Podlaskie, it was meticulously crafted by two renowned mural artists, Jakub Bitka and Łukasz Chwałka. The selection of nature as its central theme echoes Accolade's commitment to ESG values and a responsible approach to the environment. 

“Białystok is a special place for Accolade. In 2018, we were the first to open a modern industrial park in the region. Currently, we have two fully leased parks in the Podlaskie Voivodeship, covering a total area of approximately 80,000 sqm. In 2021, we initiated the Accolade Industrial Art program in Białystok, creating our first mural here. I am delighted that our second park in Białystok has also joined the programme, and that the new mural creatively symbolises our commitment to sustainable development.” said Alicja Cholewa, senior asset manager at Accolade in Poland.

While designing the mural, our aim was to create a visual narrative of symbiosis and the interweaving of the human and natural worlds. In the artwork we see the symbolic guardians of Podlasie, the bison and lynx, strolling among people, illustrating the harmony between these realms. Many elements in the mural refer to the region, and I hope each of them, along with the entire piece, will bring joy to the park's employees and visitors.” said Łukasz Chwałek, one of the mural's creators. 

The mural project posed a significant challenge for us, as we executed it across three distinct structures. The graphics came to life on a water cistern, a pumping station building, and a retaining wall, forming a cohesive narrative. This unconventional concept required several weeks of preparation and design, but the result brought us immense satisfaction." said Jakub Bitka, co-author of the mural.

The Accolade Industrial Art program also encompasses child and youth education. During the mural's creation, therefore, the investor organised workshops for students from the School and Preschool Complex in Nowy Aleksandrów. In these sessions, young people aged 12-15 learned the technique of spray-painting murals. The artists shared their knowledge by explaining the process of creating graphics and the significance of art in industrial spaces. Students also had the opportunity to experiment independently with this technique, practising spray painting on prepared surfaces.

As part of the Accolade Industrial Art program, the investor has created 9 murals, including 5 in Polish industrial parks: two in Białystok, and one each in Zielona Góra, Mińsk Mazowiecki and Gorzów Wielkopolski. The first such artwork was created in Białystok in 2021, selected through a competition involving park tenants. All murals in Accolade's industrial parks were developed in collaboration with local communities and artists. These works reflect the investor's values and commitment to environmental protection, emphasising the unique characteristics of their regions.