Exciting Milestone Achieved

We are thrilled to announce the completion of the prefabrication phase for the largest logistics building in the Czech Republic destined for the fashion retailer.

Exciting Milestone Achieved

Massive Scale & Innovative Design

Spanning nearly 250,000 sqm, this isn't just big; it's a giant leap in logistics infrastructure.

Reaching up to 20 metres in certain sections, the structure surpasses conventional standards for logistics buildings.

Beyond its architectural significance, the project is also a substantial contributor to employment, generating over 1,000 jobs and supporting the local job market.

Sustainability at its Core

In line with the tenant’s commitment to a zero-carbon footprint by 2040, we're pushing the envelope in eco-friendly construction.

No PVC is used and a solar panel-adorned roof underscores our dedication to the environment.

The building aspires to achieve the BREAAM certification at the highest level Outstanding

Special Thanks to Our Partners and Colleagues

We extend our appreciation to our colleagues, namely Jiří Stránský, Martina Nová, Dominika Kapková a Tomáš Mile, along with our partners from Panattoni Vladimír Toman, Michaela Myslivečková, Martin Solár, and Jan Mach.