Celebrating International Day of Education

At Accolade, education is not just a priority, it's a passion. We understand the critical role of physical education in shaping the lives of young minds. That's why we're proud to collaborate with Coaches in Schools.

Celebrating International Day of Education

Continuing this long-term partnership, we're thrilled to share some impactful numbers: currently, an inspiring 694 classes from 142 primary schools in 25 diverse locations across the country are actively involved in this initiative.

Why this particular programme? Children nowadays lack natural movement and without a positive attitude from their parents, they often don't have the opportunity to develop a positive relationship with sports. This leads to significant issues, including overweight and obesity.

The Coaches in School programme is a game-changer. It allows children to try out a wide range of sports directly at school under the guidance of experienced coaches of the sport in question. They help teachers build a positive attitude towards physical activities that affect children's physical and mental health and brain development. This approach has also shown promising results in improving children's overall academic performance.

Together, we're making strides towards a healthier, more active future for our children.