Accolade opens its seventh industrial park in Poland in Kielce. Worth CZK 1,25 billion.

The Accolade Group invests into its seventh industrial park in Poland. Three buildings, totalling 75,000 sq. metres, will be successively available in the Kielce Park in the southeast of the country, halfway between Warsaw and Krakow. The completed buildings will be worth about a billion and a quarter crowns. It first client, VIVE Group, already signed a long-tern ten-year-long lease contract. It will take-up 26,200 sq. metres for textile recycling and its logistics. The building will be competed by the Summer holidays.

Accolade opens its seventh industrial park in Poland in Kielce. Worth CZK 1,25 billion.

“Accolade Group’s expansion in the Polish market has so far been a very successful one. This is already the seventh industrial park we have opened in Poland in just two years,” says Milan Kratina, Accolade Group’s co-owner and CEO. “The Kielce Park is the first in its region to offer flexible rental buildings for light industries and logistics, meeting the latest standards. Our strategy in Poland is to build industrial parks in large cities but outside existing industrial centres – in locations where demand for modern business premises exists but nobody has taken the plunge to be the first to tap the new market. It’s a good strategy, judging from how quickly our parks find their tenants, including the park here, at Kielce,” explains Milan Kratina.

“VIVE Group signed a ten-year-long lease contract with us. Its warehouse will take up 24,800 sq. metres and 1,400 sq. metres will be used as offices and employees’ facilities,” adds Lukáš Répal, Accolade Group’s Asset Management and Acquisition Director. “All Accolade buildings are built to the strictest standards of environmental friendliness, confirmed by the BREEAM Certificate. It is also here that the building will be lighted inside with energy-saving LEDs, and the areas not primarily intended for warehousing will make maximum use of daylight, explains Répal.

Agnieszka Servaas, President of the Board of VIVE Management, explains: “We’ll use part of the leased space for our own logistic services, and the remaining part will be used for the logistic services we offer our clients.”

“For this we needed a space for warehousing and logistics that would be large enough and, at the same time, give us maximum flexibility. We decided to rent space in the Kielce Park because of its advantageous location and because it offers very advanced facilities. This has a direct influence on the quality of the services we provide our clients, which is, of course, extremely important for us,” adds Bertus Servaas, Board President of VIVE Textile Recycling. 

The Kielce Park is located at the northern end of the City of Kielce near the slip road to the S4 motorway connecting Warsaw and Krakow. It would take around three hours and a quarter to drive from Ostrava to the Kielce Park.

Kielce is the capital of the Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship. Its population is 200,000. It has 11 higher learning institutions with more than 40,000 students. The city has a long industrial tradition, especially in mechanical engineering, and it is also popular as a spa centre; in addition, graduates from the local universities and other skilled young people have opened a number of new businesses providing shared corporate services, ranging from IT developers to accountancies.