Accolade to invest EUR 8.6 million to establish a new industrial park near Prague

The Accolade Group will invest EUR 8.6 million in the construction of a new industrial park near Zdice, right at exit 28 from the D5 motorway from Prague to Plzeň. The prime industrial area for rent, 12,100 sq. metres in size, might start operating by 2020 or earlier.

Accolade to invest EUR 8.6 million to establish a new industrial park near Prague
  • The new hall will provide 12,100 sq. metres to be leased for industrial use
  • The industrial park might become available to a future tenant by 2020
  • The park will meet the requirements of the strict BREEAM ‘Very Good’ environmental certification

“The industrial park we are developing at Zdice is primarily intended for non-disturbing light manufacturing activities, and it may as well accommodate facilities for a logistics firm or an eshop. It is expected to become available to a future tenant by 2020. Located right at the D5 motorway exit, it provides superb transport connectivity, avoiding any built-up area,” explains Milan Kratina, CEO and co-owner of Accolade.

Hypothetically, as many as two hundred operating jobs and about thirty administrative jobs might be created: these are the maximum numbers, based on the municipality’s requirements in the local development plan. However, Accolade as the park’s investor believes that the actual numbers will be much lower because the tenants are expected to invest heavily in automation and robotization.

“The Zdice Park is being prepared, although the future tenant is not yet known. It is ideally located for a manufacturing firm linked primarily to Bavaria or supplying parts to manufacturers operating along the D5 motorway. To be able to offer space in the future industrial park, we must first complete the authorisation process, which will take a year or even two. The construction itself will not take more than nine months,” says Jiří Stránský, Accolade’s Head of Land Development.

The total size of the future park is 67,699 metres. More than half of it will be covered by greenery; the building itself will occupy less than 18 per cent of the area. Although the soil at the site is of mediocre if not substandard quality, the recovered topsoil will be spread by local farmers over their fields to control erosion or to make their land more productive.

The building itself will feature enhanced thermal insulation and modern economical LED lighting. Consumption of energy and other inputs, especially water, will be kept as low as possible. A retention pond will be built in the park to keep rainwater on site and allow it to seep into the ground.

All this will be reflected in the construction process and in the agreement with the future tenant, the purpose being to ensure that the construction and operation of the building is people- and environmentally friendly enough to meet the requirements for the BREEAM certification at a level of ‘Very Good’ or higher, like other buildings of the Accolade Group.

The building currently being prepared for construction is the first part of the project in the area designated for the Zdice Industrial Zone in the municipality’s local development plan. Prospects for the future include the construction of another building, a new road and a cycle path, and gas and sewer service lines for the village of Knížkovice.