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BTS Týniště nad Orlicí

Týniště nad Orlicí, Czech Republic

BTS Týniště nad Orlicí is part of the city industrial zone. The entire region is ideal for manufacturing projects and their associated logistics thanks to their excellent position in the northeast of the Czech Republic by the Polish border. Here a number of auto and machinery manufacturers operate.

Sustainability certification of buildings - BREEAM
BTS Týniště nad Orlicí
existing area
9,783 sq m

Locale and traffic accessibility

  • Excellent traffic connection to the I/11 first class expressway to Prague.
  • Near the manufacturing hall of the ŠKODA AUTO car factory.
  • Excellent accessibility will be enhanced by the planned expansion of the D11 motorway and R35 expressway.
  • Bus stop near the Park ensures easy employee commuting.

The interesting location of the Park offers excellent transportation options along the first-class expressway I/11 to Hradec Králové 20 kilometers away and Rychnov nad Kněžnou, also 20 kilometers away. Near Rychnov nad Kněžnou the Škoda Auto car factory is located in the town of Kvasiny, while in Hradec Králové it is possible to connect to the D11 motorway leading to Prague, which is another hour and 15 minutes away. Its exceptional accessibility will no doubt be enhanced by the planned expansion of the D11 motorway and R35 expressway. A bus stop for mass transit is located right in the building and a train station is walking distance from the Park.

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Building specification

Building 1

Building 1

9,783 sq m

Building 1

9,783 sq m
Condition Rented
In the fund since 1Q 2012
Height 10 m
Pillars 12 m × 24 m
breeam Very Good