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Mińsk Mazowiecki

Warsaw, Poland

Park Minsk Mazowiecki combines the features of a warehouse and factory. The position of the park is unique in all of Poland, since the voivodeship ranks among the largest logistics markets in Poland. 35% of all modern Polish logistics businesses are concentrated here. This is also due to the fact that 5.4 million residents occupy the surrounding region of the city and 75 universities operate in the area. 

Mińsk Mazowiecki
existing area
15,046 sq m

Locale and traffic accessibility

  • The A2 motorway ensures excellent transportation connections between the Park and all of Poland.
  • The DK50 expressway offers other options for connecting to European roads.
  • Warsaw is a half-hour drive from the Park.

Excellent transportation options to the Park are provided by the A2 motorway leading across Poland from the western border with Germany to the eastern border with Belarus and connecting the Park to Warsaw. In the northeast of the city the A2 motorway crosses the DK50 expressway leading around Warsaw and connecting the north and south of the country.

Infrastructure map


Building specification

Building 1

Building 1

8,028 sq m

Building 1

8,028 sq m
Condition Rented
In the fund since -
To let
Height 10 m
Pillars 12 m × 22,5 m
breeam None