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Uničov II

Uničov, Czech Republic

Park Uničov is part of the city industrial zone and is suitable for light manufacturing and logistics. Tenants can capitalize on the excellent internal and external infrastructure. Uničov has around 12,400 residents and a very good position strategically primarily from the perspective of the onslaught of qualified workers. Nearby Olomouc is the home of the prestigious Palacký University with 22,000 students and over two dozen technical secondary schools. The new building, which is part of the planned expansion, have a planning permit in legal force.

Uničov II
existing area 14,903 sq m
26,198 sq m planned area

Locale and traffic accessibility

  • Excellent traffic connection to the II/446 expressway.
  • Advantageous location for shipping east to Poland.
  • Bus and train stops near the Park ensure easy employee commuting.

Park Uničov capitalizes on its ideal location. The regional city of Olomouc is 30 km away following the II/446 expressway, Prostějov is another 47 km, Brno is 100 km away, and Ostrava 130 km away. Uničov is a suitable location for shipping to the east to Poland, Katowice, or Krakow, and to the north to Wrocław. Mass transit ensures the accessibility of the Park to the public, with rail and bus stops located a few minute’s walk from the complex.

Infrastructure map

Building specification

Building 2

Building 2

26,198 sq m

Building 2

26,198 sq m
Condition For lease
In the fund since
To let 26,198 sq m
Height 14.5 m
Pillars 12 m × 24 m
breeam None