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BTS Burgos

Burgos, Spain

BTS Burgos is located in the north of Spain in the autonomous community named Castilla y León. The province, as well as its capital, Burgos, has a deep historical and geographical importance throughout Spain. This has made Burgos an important communication hub. Currently, Burgos is well known for its modern and convenient infrastructure, which encompasses main roads, railways and industrial zones. It is also the location of numerous successful national and international companies. 

Sustainability certification of buildings - BREEAM
BTS Burgos
planned area
42,290 sq m

Locale and traffic accessibility

  • Burgos is geographically and historically a strategic location with a strong economy.
  • The Park´s location is surrounded by successful national and international companies.
  • The AP-68 and A1 roads provide excellent transport links to the rest of Spain, France, and Portugal.
  • Paris, Lisbon and Africa can be reached by road within one day.

On the northeast side, the AP-1 connects Burgos with Vitoria-Gasteiz, an important industrial zone of the Basque Country and one of the country’s main economic areas. Bilbao, a Basque city with harbour access, is located only a two-hour drive away from the Park, connected by the AP-1 and AP-68. It provides important connections to the United Kingdom and the US. The capital of Spain, Madrid, is less than a three-hour drive from the Park, while Barcelona is only a five-hour drive away. Overall, Burgos offers road transport connections to Paris, Lisbon and Africa in one day and to the rest of Europe in two days.

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Building specification

Building 1

Building 1


Building 1

Condition Under construction
In the fund since
To let
Height 10 m
Pillars 12 m × 24 m
breeam Very Good