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Szczecin Park

Szczecin, Poland
227 691 m2


Szczecin, Poland
227 691 m2

Szczecin Park is a multi-phase warehouse complex on the over 46 ha plot. The area permitted for use at the moment is over 159 000 m2. In addition to that there is one building under construction to be completed in H1 2020. The target area of ​​the investment is to exceed 220 000 m2.

Szczecin Park is located on the east side of Szczecin, a 20-minute drive from Szczecin Goleniów Airport. Its excellent location just by an international traffic junction and in close proximity to the Szczecin - Świnoujście seaport, serving over 23 million tons of cargo per year proves Szczecin Park’s investment attractiveness.

Thanks to its location, Szczecin Park plays an extremely important role in the economic development of the north-western Poland as for the country as a whole.

Population in the region

Szczecin is located in Western Pomerania - north-western part of Poland, inhabited by 1.8 million people. Szczecin with a total population of 403,000 inhabitants is the seventh largest city in Poland.

There are 25 higher education institutions operating in the Zachodniopomorskie Province educating over 40,000 students annually. The region, primarily associated with the shipbuilding industry and agriculture, today develops various sectors of the economy, especially those related to advanced technologies.

Location and accessibility

Szczecin Park is located on the eastern side of the city only 20 min. driving time from the airport and well connected with the international motorway network, the S3 and the S10 express road leading to the A2 highway to Poznań / Wrocław / Czech Republic, respectively to the Bydgoszcz /Toruń / Łódź / Warszawa and the A6 motorway to Berlin (130km). The passenger transport to the zone is served by buses stopping at the bus stop in front of the Park itself and the railway, whose station is about seven minutes away on foot.

Seaport Szczecin - Świnoujście, 15 minutes away from the Park and is considered as one of the most important sea transhipment ports for the Czech Republic and Slovakia, competing with Hamburg and Bremen for supplies to the north-eastern regions of Germany and Berlin. Szczecin is the nearest city near Hamburg, which is able to handle a similar amount of cargo. Seaport Szczecin - Świnoujście is located by the sea route connecting Scandinavia and the Baltic countries with Central and Southern Europe, being at the same time a gateway to the river routes.

Building standards

  • Clear height: 10 m
  • Loading docks: 1/1,000 m2
  • ESFR sprinkler system
  • Floor loading capacity: 5 t/m2
  • Parking areas for cars and trucks
  • Truck loading yard
  • Office space and facilities according to the client’s requirements