About us

About us

The Accolade group invests in business infrastructure in Europe.

We are an investment company providing first-rate infrastructure for business in Europe. Most of our tenants are global brands in the e-commerce, processing industry and logistics sectors. We own a Network of 27 industrial parks in the Czech Republic, Poland, Germany and Slovakia with BREEAM certification that guarantees a sustainable and friendly approach to the environment. For the future, we plan on building a polygon for the development and certification of self-driving vehicles.

Over the course of our more than nine years in business, we have built a portfolio of commercial properties with an area of 1.3 million square metres, worth almost EUR 1.247 billion. We finance not only the construction of new projects but also the revitalization of neglected brownfields. In 2019 share of brownfields in the Czech Republic increased to 35%, in Poland the share is even 50 %. The total renewed areas is 610,000 sqm.

In 2014, we founded Accolade Fund SICAV, a prime industrial real estate fund, open to investments by qualified investors who can participate with us in the development of modern industry.

We decided to acquire the operator of the Czech Republic’s second busiest airport, Brno-Tuřany, in 2017. Dynamic growth and sustainable industry are our priorities. This is also why we became the fastest growing business in the Czech Republic and one of the TOP 5 fastest growing companies in Europe in the real estate segment.

We want to set a good example in terms of business performance as well as corporate social responsibility. Being a trustworthy and responsible partner is part of our corporate culture.