Strategic location, renewal of industrial tradition, trust to the regional potential, and ecology as a priority. Accolade and Bydgoszcz as the perfect showcase of the sustainable approach to the 21st-century industry.

In few weeks it will be five years since the Accolade Group - an international investor in the commercial real estate market – entered the city Bydgoszcz with the first project on brownfield and with its belief in the strategic location and the further growth potential of the region and the rise of the Polish warehouse market. The results?  Investment in the development of A-class infrastructure worth over 90 mil. EUR. Two completed modern parks with nearly 90,000 sq m of BREEAM certified sustainable warehouses, and 46,000 sq m worth nearly 35 mil. EUR in the line for the newest park with the number III on the back.

Strategic location, renewal of industrial tradition, trust to the regional potential, and ecology as a priority. Accolade and Bydgoszcz as the perfect showcase of the sustainable approach to the 21st-century industry.

The rise of the logistic, warehouse, and e-commerce sectors is showing that the trust given by the investor many years ago is bringing fruit to more directions. Perfect infrastructure for upcoming world-known companies and thus more attractive employers, strengthening the economic power of the region and thus improving the quality of life of local people, and at least but not last the environmental aspect of the modern halls that play a big role in the 21-st century industry.

“We are currently looking at the first phase of the new Park Bydgoszcz III that started this summer and will be completed in the first quarter of 2021 for Reconext a leading aftermarket services company. Since 2016, our aim has not been just to invest, but to expand in the region with great potential. Through our investment and commitment to the location, good cooperation with municipalities and forward-focused tenants, we build up modern top-class business infrastructure which makes region more attractive. That proves the demand of the big players for new spaces and we are extremely proud that we became an active participant in the extraordinary changes taking place in this region,” commented Michał Białas, Country Head Poland at Accolade.

“We are very excited that we could represent Reconext in the process of searching for a new location in Bydgoszcz. For over three months, together with our client, we have been preparing the technical specification as well as conducted analysis and provided recommendations for ecological solutions. As a result of a carefully prepared strategy, solving technical issues and long negotiations, the client decided to choose Panattoni Park Bydgoszcz III as the preferred location,” commented Paulina Machałowska, Associate, Industrial & Logistics Agency, Cushman & Wakefield.

In 2016, the group began preparing its first park in Bydgoszcz in the dilapidated area of the former chemical plant, thus achieving a further continuation of the industrial tradition in a new guise. Bydgoszcz Park I and II are now fully occupied by well-known top brands like Oponeo, Nissin, InPost, Rohlig Suus, DB Schenker, Chep, Dadelo, DPD, DSV or Sims Lifecycle Services. But it is not just the location, development of the infrastructure, and further potential of the city and region that attracts the tenants. It is also the solution of the modern halls that meet the BREEAM sustainability requirements with many top-notch environmental utilities.

“Sustainable and ecological approach is our number one priority. Sometimes, people think that modern halls are just “unkind”, but it is never good to judge things by its cover. We want our projects to be distinguished by modernity and noticeably strengthen the ecological trend in the warehouse market. Each of our subsequent investments is a significant step forward in terms of the solutions used,” said Michał Białas, Country Head Poland at Accolade.

Preparations for the construction of Park Bydgoszcz III have already started, and the planned completion of the first stage is to take place in the first quarter of 2021.

The BREEM certified facility, which will ultimately offer 45,600 sq m will have a number of ecological solutions, such as full lighting based on LED technology, photovoltaic panels and rainwater management systems. This investment as well as 100% of new Accolade buildings in the entire portfolio, will also stand out from the competition with modern and "green" solutions.

According to the latest Cushman & Wakefield report - Industrial Goes Green, the total number of BREEAM and LEED-certified facilities in Poland is 139, which is only 16% of all warehouse buildings in the country. The report also indicates that 82% of tenants are asking about pro-ecological solutions in warehouse buildings.

Park Bydgoszcz II, completed this summer offers modern production and warehouse space, and the solutions supporting business, such as access to modern, well-lit offices and air conditioning, individually controlled for each room. The glazed facade of the building, ensuring excellent light transmittance and good thermal insulation, was made of environmentally friendly materials. The taps have aerators to reduce water consumption, and LED lighting has been installed in the halls. The investment area is also distinguished by the presence of hives and nesting boxes for insects. In the case of Park Bydgoszcz III, the bar is to be raised even higher. It is also worth emphasizing that Accolade does not forget about its earlier projects, which are successively modernized and enriched with new solutions.

“The energy independence of buildings, environmental issues, and solutions that reduce operating costs are today aspects that are analyzed carefully by tenants. They often ask about the certificates like BREEAM, the guarantee of good working conditions, and high environmental standards. We have excellent know-how in this matter both in Poland and at the Group level. It is enough to mention that Park Cheb South, which is the pride of our Czech portfolio, received a BREEAM Outstanding rating of 90.68% - the highest so far in the world, giving direction to our further ambitions,” added  Milan Kratina, CEO, Accolade Group.