Revitalization of old reservoirs continues. A robotic centre for e-commerce will arise near Kojetín.

New qualified jobs, development, and economic growth of the locality. These are the main benefits of the cooperation between Accolade and industrial developer Panattoni, who are preparing construction aligned with the latest trends in e-commerce and targeting future local and foreign tenants. Thus, the extensive revitalization of a former settling reservoir in a sugar factory near Kojetín in the Olomouc region continues. The industrial complex will meet the needs of any major market player in the e-commerce sector. The project, in the value of more than three billion crowns, offering a maximum capacity of 2,000 jobs, will be completed by the end of the year 2022.

Revitalization of old reservoirs continues. A robotic centre for e-commerce will arise near Kojetín.

„The current form of the planned project corresponds exactly to our vision and I am glad that despite the crisis we are faced, we continue in preparation. I believe that thanks to this investment, among other things, can we prepare better for the future effects of the pandemic. In the long run, all well as other smaller towns, we face issues such as population composition and outflow of younger people to studies in larger cities, where they usually stay because of the better, especially, economic conditions. In the field of public facilities, we have invested hundreds of millions of crowns in the last few years in order to make Kojetín more attractive for young families. I firmly believe that the construction of a modern industrial park will bring tenants offering well-paid jobs and qualified workers to all of the locals: manual workers as well as university students. So far, the negotiations have been truly professional from both sides and I am glad that we won a strong and fair partner for the development of our city,“ says Leoš Ptáček, Mayor of Kojetín.

„The basic motivation for all of our investments is the economic development and the growth of wealth of the Czech regions. They often offer huge idle potential, and, with proper infrastructure, they can attract even the biggest market players in the business. I am sure that thanks to this project, Kojetín, and its surroundings became a slightly better place for living. The locals will find well-paid jobs close to their homes, and other business opportunities may arise as a result of this project. If these benefits are added to the possibility of the revitalization of a brownfield with no need to seize agricultural land, it is a great, win-win situation,“ says Milan Kratina, CEO of Accolade who finances the project.

„The current situation accelerated the transition to digital retail. Modern e-commerce infrastructure defies the effects of the pandemic and ensures the supply of necessary goods to customers. If we want to fulfill the Czech Government’s words and „become a real country for the future “, we have to build preconditions for the most modern business operations with an accent on robotization and the latest world trends. This park will be the first multi-story logistics building in the Czech Republic prepared for the robotization,“ adds Pavel Sovička, Managing Director for the Czech Republic and Slovakia of Panattoni.

The building with a floor area of 52,000 m2 will be located brilliantly thanks to the direct connection to the D1 motorway and the location outside the residential area, where space is separated from the city by a distillery, railway station, and solar power plant. Thanks to this, the project will also benefit from the nearby railway corridor. Employees will be able to use the train connection both from the direction of Brno-Olomouc and from the direction Kroměříž-Uherské Hradiště. The entire complex will be built with an accent on the principles of modern ecological construction so that the business minimizes the impact on the environment including the so-called carbon footprint.