E-commerce is thriving in Cheb. Here, Tchibo as a European omnichannel retailer expands its distribution center and further develops the city's potential for the growth of the modern business.

Real-estate investor Accolade and the builder of the industrial zones Panattoni have started the third phase of the construction of the Tchibo distribution center in Cheb. Currently, the second largest hall in the Czech Republic (73,000 sq m) will expand by another 30 000 sq m to 103,000 sq m. At the same time, the project will bring another wave of skilled jobs and thus offer a helping hand for the Karlovy Vary region affected by the economic crisis. The handover is scheduled for the end of this year.

E-commerce is thriving in Cheb. Here, Tchibo as a European omnichannel retailer expands its distribution center and further develops the city's potential for the growth of the modern business.

“We are happy about the positive development of our e-commerce business. The redesign of our logistics network is continued in the expansion of our activities in Cheb. Tchibo would like to use this to better reach its growing number of customers with coffee and consumer goods. We would like to thank Accolade / Panattoni and the local authorities for the partnership-based cooperation in the previous and future development of this important location in the Tchibo logistics network,” says Dr. Jens Köppen, CFO and Board Member for Service & Finance at Tchibo Germany.

"Tchibo and Cheb belong together, and I am delighted that our tenant is constantly developing in this locality and thus helps the entire Karlovy Vary region in the transformation from a coal region to a region with a modern economy. In its segment, Tchibo is a leader in sustainable development both in terms of business and responsible behavior towards the world around us. Therefore, I am pleased that the new hall will be a role model of modern infrastructure for business. After all, it is necessary to realize that modern segments such as logistics and e-commerce can contribute to the modernization of business not only in the region but also in the whole of Central Europe," comments Milan Kratina, CEO of Accolade.

The Tchibo distribution center in Cheb is used for storage, picking and shipping of goods that customers have ordered on the Internet. Thanks to the latest expansion, the complete building will have a generous capacity of more than 50.000 pallet spaces, and should therefore withstand the toughest lockdowns or peak hours before the Christmas holidays. The hall supplies not only the Czech market but also the Slovak, Polish, Hungarian, Austrian, Swiss, and German market.

"The newest part of the Tchibo building stands out with several environmental elements that are not completely common in the Czech logistic property market. In addition to outdoor blinds and a charging station for electric cars, we are preparing, for example, special grass grates with the function of capturing oil substances instead of classic interlocking paving for the car park or low-emission and highly efficient hall heating. Thanks to these parameters, the existing and new hall will aspire to an “Excellent” rating within the prestigious BREEAM new construction environmental certification according to the latest standards," says Pavel Sovička, Managing Director of Panattoni for the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The existing Tchibo plant is also undergoing a BREEAM In Use certification process at the Excellent level, which will help the building to adapt to new sustainable standards.

The Tchibo distribution center is operated by the logistics company DHL. “Since we took over the operations of Tchibo distribution center in Cheb industrial zone, we managed to provide top service quality and we supported customer’s flourishing e-shop with coffee, coffee products, and also clothing and other consumer goods. I am convinced that with advanced technologies, complementary services, and extensive know-how, we are a strong partner in Tchibo’s further business growth and extension. We are extremely proud to be a partner for Tchibo company, supporting them in business growth resulting in an additional extension of the warehouse,” added Filip Budík, Managing Director, DHL Supply Chain Czech Republic.

The Cheb industrial zone currently occupies about 165 000 sqm and the total number of employees already exceeds 3,000. Thanks to the rapid arrival of new investors in recent years, the Cheb park has become one of the largest and most attractive industrial parks in Central Europe.