Accolade halls in the Karlovy Vary and Pilsen regions in detail

Where are most industrial parks currently being built in the Czech Republic according to the year-end statistics published by news portal Skypaper? The top two positions were taken by areas where Accolade has a significant presence. The Karlovy Vary region (26%) was in top spot, closely followed by the Pilsen region (15%).

Accolade halls in the Karlovy Vary and Pilsen regions in detail

Let's take a look at both regions from Accolade's perspective:

The Accolade Group started its operations in the Karlovy Vary Region in 2013 and currently has a total of three parks there. Two of them are located in Cheb, whilst one is in Ostrov nad Ohří. We have already managed to create more than 3,500 jobs in the area. In recent years, the western part of Bohemia has been capturing the interest of politicians and investors more and more, setting it on a positive course. We are honoured to have been part of this change through our investments in industrial parks, infrastructure, and other activities.

We currently operate in two cities in the Pilsen Region, Stříbro and Přeštice. The total area of both parks is almost 232,000 m² and, in addition to their excellent strategic location, they boast significant benefits for the surrounding area. In the case of the latter, the expansion of the park has secured almost a thousand new jobs in a district with one of the highest unemployment rates in the country.

We look forward to further development in the regions mentioned and beyond.

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