Accolade Stories #5 - Retention tanks

Water, an increasingly important issue in recent years, one that scientists say has been significantly impacted by human activity. Effective water management is crucial, especially in urbanised and industrial areas. That's why our industrial parks are designed to make the most of every drop of rainwater. 

Accolade Stories #5 - Retention tanks

A great example of this approach is the Brno Airport Park, where we have a retention tank with a capacity of 2,225 cubic metres of water. This reservoir not only retains water, but also uses it efficiently, thereby supporting important ecosystem functions:

Stormwater Mitigation

During torrential rain, the main role of the retention basin is to retain water from roofs and paved areas, allowing it to soak into the ground as much as possible, minimising the risk of flash flooding.

A Biodiversity Oasis

The tank is not just a technical feature; it essentially serves as a wetland habitat, fostering a diverse range of flora and fauna. It creates an environment where different ecosystems intersect, allowing nature to flourish.

Natural Air Conditioning

The moment temperatures rise, the retention tank automatically becomes a natural air conditioning system. Thanks to the concentration of moisture in the air, the local vegetation never experiences water shortages, even during the driest periods.

An Aesthetic Touch

Last but not least, we have the tank’s aesthetic value. It is not just functional, but beautiful too. It adds an visual dimension to the site, making it a pleasant place to relax.

Efficient water resource management shows us that even in industrial environments, harmony between technological development and sustainability can be achieved. And Meaningful Planning can help us create an ecosystem that blends in beautifully with the nature around us.