Accolade Stories #6 - Flora in our parks

We are proud of our sustainable industrial parks

Accolade Stories #6 - Flora in our parks

The scent of lavender and rosemary

A sustainable approach to both our parks and the environment is the core foundation of the group's ESG strategy. This naturally includes both small animals (more on them another time) and plants. But it is important to remember one thing: No two industrial parks are alike. Similarly, you can’t take a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to plants either, you need to think about how to adapt them to local climatic conditions.

Much more than aesthetics

Choosing plants for our industrial parks is a carefully considered process. We work closely with an agency that specialises in awarding BREEAM sustainability certification. This ensures that our green spaces are in harmony with nature, protecting the environment and preserving biodiversity. This prevents, for example, certain species from over-breeding or harming each other.

Lavender and rosemary

Both share a love of warmth and sunshine. Our Spanish parks are a sweet-smelling example of our careful approach to flora. The area around the Vitoria industrial park, for example, is specific in that there are lavender trees everywhere. On the other side of Spain, near Seville, it hardly ever rains, meaning that native plants, such as rosemary, thrive.

The stories behind industrial parks are often much more interesting than they might appear at first glance. At least ours are.