Joining the International E-Waste Day Celebrations

At Accolade, our commitment to the environment and actively engaging with local communities is integral to our mission. We strive for a better tomorrow, which is why we participated in the International E-Waste Day celebrations.

Joining the International E-Waste Day Celebrations

Prague and Warsaw offices to return their electronic waste. We also collected electronic waste from our tenants at Park Lublin PL, totalling more than 800kg in just a single day!

But our commitment doesn't stop there. Most of our parks in Poland are equipped with permanent bins for electronic waste. This means our tenants and their employees can do their bit to protect the environment every day, allowing us to carry out our nature-focused projects.

Thank you Fundacja Odzyskaj Środowisko, CPI Property Group, and MVGM Cesko for your cooperation and support.

Curious about how we celebrated International E-Waste Day? Take a look at our video: