Today, we celebrate Arbor Day!

Today, we celebrate Arbor Day!

Trees are a key feature in our parks, with each one as important as the next. That’s why we've chosen not only to maintain our existing green spaces, but to actively expand them. Here’s some interesting information about the trees in our parks:

  • What kind of trees do we plant?

We plant trees based on the recommendations of local environment and ecology experts. We choose species that are native, non-invasive, hardy, and suitable for the local conditions.

  • The significance for the local ecosystem

When choosing tree species, we consider the needs of local wildlife. We create an environment where local fauna can find shelter and food. Planting trees significantly contributes to biodiversity and creates a greener, more beautiful space for employees.

  • Planting for the future

We take pride in the fact that planting more trees is part of our sustainability commitments. Therefore, on behalf of ourselves, the municipality of Kojetín, and a local youth centre, we would like to invite you to an event on the 4th November where we’ll plant 50 new trees. Come and be a part of efforts to preserve nature for future generations.