Trending: The Shift Towards Sustainable Construction Logistics

The construction industry is on a crucial journey towards sustainability, with a growing emphasis on reducing emissions through smarter logistics.

Trending: The Shift Towards Sustainable Construction Logistics

It is increasingly moving away from traditional trucking towards more eco-friendly transportation methods like rail. This shift, one of the emerging trends, offers significant advantages in terms of efficiency and reducing environmental impact.

Kojetin: A Case in Point

Our robotic center for Amazon in Kojetin, which is close to railway lines, exemplifies this shift. Leveraging rail transport, it has been delivered 6,800 concrete panels from the factory directly to the site, avoiding the use of almost 2,300 trucks. This not only reduced a carbon footprint but also played a part in achieving the highest BREEAM rating of Outstanding for the building, underscoring the role of sustainable logistics in obtaining international environmental certifications.

This initiative is part of a wider movement within the industry towards adopting more sustainable practices. It highlights how strategic choices in location and transportation can significantly reduce the environmental impact of construction projects.

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